The first wine
that discovers your fortune.

It was a cold rainy winter night in a Hungarian palace.
A princess, in an outburst of anger, did something that changed the world for ever…

El Adivino
El Adivino Blanco
El Adivino

Type of wine

Young red.

Grape varieties

Tempranillo from the North area of Spain.
Tempranillo from the Center-South of Spain.
Syrah from the Center-South of Spain.

Technical information

The goal of the coupage is to obtain a wine that is different and special, using varieties Tempranillo and Syrah from different areas in Spain, that provide their own particularities. The grapes come from old vineyards and are recollected through a manual process. Permutations are done in stainless steel deposits for 10 to 14 days with controlled temperatures of 26-28º. The wine is kept in American oak barrels for 3 to 4 months until the malolactic fermentation is finished. Afterwards the mixed is decided and the wines are put together.

Tasting notes

El Adivino is a wine that has it all; rich and condensed flavors of black berries and hints where the fine smoked aromas resemble. Eccentric wine with a mixture of soft sensations, almost of fine pastries where chocolate and vanilla memories complete a desired balance. To the palate, its chameleonic character will be discovered, its contained power will enchant sip by sip. It is an all-terrain wine, perfect to drink alone or to accompany tapas, cheese or exotic meals such as duck with hoisin sauce, spicy Indian curry or pad Thai with red chili.

Type of wine

Young white wine.

Grape varieties

Verdejo from the North and Center area of Spain.
Sauvignon Blanc from vineyards in the North area of Spain.
Chardonnay from the Center-South of Spain.

Technical information

This courage leads us to a different style of wine, taking advantage of the virtues of three different but complementary grape varieties of several prominent winemaking areas in Spain.
Permutations are done in stainless steel deposits for 20 to 25 days with a maximum temperature of 15º. Once the fermentation is finished, the wine remains in contact with its lees for 2-3 months in order to develop its characteristic secondary aromas. In the Chardonnay specifically, the wine is kept in French oak barrels fro 3 months, doing a ‘batonage’ (stirring the lees) several times a week.

Tasting notes

This wine has a bright straw color with greenish reflects. Complex, subtle to the nose, with marked peach and apricot aroma, as well as citric touch with smoke resemble. Nice, elegant with notes of tropical fruits, slight hints of vanilla and very well-balanced acidity.
This wine is ideal as aperitif, but it can also accompany pasta dishes, paella and all kind of cold tapas. It combines perfectly with all kind of roasted or smoked fishes and cheese.

The story of El Adivino.
It’s about future telling.

The legend begins in the obscure workshop of a crazy watchmaker.
A story with princesses, palaces and a good taste of fantasy.


The Fortune smiles at you: There is also a white variety.

El Adivino never stops surprising you. So we have created with much care our white variety. Its Verdejo, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc grapes give it a characteristic taste, elegant and nice. There is just one mystery to solve: when are you going to taste it?


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